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Making Design Come To Life.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington School of Interior Design, Ami spent her early career with a successful commercial interior design firm in Dallas. She returned home to Fort Worth after a few years, to join City Center Development Company, focusing on space planning and office finish out.  Today she partners with her husband in all design aspects and construction management with their business. Ami has worked intimately in all aspects of commercial and residential design. She is recognized for her vibrant personality, and remarkable ability to organize and create spaces that are unmistakably their own. Ami shares the passion with her husband and continues to reinforce the vision of their company. She is also very involved with raising her family and following Christ. She attends Gateway Church. Ami is a respected designer and chooses projects based on interest and charity.

Ami Hillman
Co-Founder & Interior Designer

Turning a Vision into Reality

John Hillman, also know as "Blue Hillman" to his friends and family launched his company, Parkhill Homes, in 2005 after spending almost 10 years with a successful textile business that allowed him to work in almost all facets of the business. With a bachelors degree in Finance from Stephen F. Austin State University and additional studies in entrepreneurial management,  Blue began to leave his own mark when he was given the responsibility to manage manufacturing operations here in the US, as well as being involved in setting up manufacturing operations overseas.  In addition, he became instrumental in brand marketing and sales. He helped increase annual revenues 5 times over in just a few short years, building relationships with many national retailers across the USA.

Having the opportunity to travel multiple times to Thailand, Laos, China, countries of Central America, and Germany to develop business product categories, Blue gained a lasting appreciation for the different peoples of the world and architectural design. His continued interest in design, and his growing desire to build homes, fueled his passion and desire to set out on his own into a new direction in life.  

Today, John continues to lean on his operational skill set within the construction management process, while blending his keen eye for good design and architecture. Clients will experience a deliberate and relaxed approach to building with him, as he follows a sequential and systematic order through the construction process.

In addition to building, Blue is very involved with his family and values his relationship with Christ. He attends Gateway Church, and he is involved in supporting ministries that bring hope and healing to the hurting and forgotten. He seeks to collaborate with people who have a desire to effect positive change in the spiritual and emotional well-being of others. It is this approach to life that motivates, excites, and inspires him to invest time and energy in people and organizations that hold these same principles.

John Blue Hillman
Co-Founder & Builder

Seasoned and Dependable  

It is not possible to start or finish any of the great projects that we have been involved in, without the good relationships and professionalism we have with our tradesman. Most have been partners with us for a long time. We have chosen them, and they have chosen us. We recognize you all as friends and most importantly, as good people, who have families, and many of the same values and goals. We watch out for each other, and strive to support each other in good times, and in the rocky times. We look to be fair, and we look after each others best interest. We want to take care of you, and we know, you want to take care of us, and our clients. Sometimes, we both may fall short, but we do our best to fix our mistakes, and take care of our responsibilities. We are a team and we thank you.



We hope with every new project we have clients that share our same values. These are the type of people we want to work with. We want the best for everybody who are involved in the project. Not just the client, not just the builder, and not just the tradesman. It is important to us, that we all share in the success of the project. That we all are respectful and consider everyone in the process, even if we don't fully understand the  why, and how things are managed in a certain way or order. The domino effect that happens when decisions or non decisions are made, the shortages and limitations that exist because of market demand, the effect of weather, and the limitations of time, all effect the pace and cost of any project. Our goal as builder and tradesman is to build a quality home at a fair price, in a reasonable amount of time, based on the circumstances and desires of each client. We want our clients to enjoy and hold happy memories for many years to come. In the end, we hope we all walk away with new friendships and appreciation for each other.

Contractor Team
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